Winter Saviours

wsAs the winter weather is beginning to take a slightly chilly turn, I thought it might be wise to share with you all two fab products that help my skin survive throughout the winter. We’ve all been there where the harsh winter chill has dried out our skin making it sore, chapped and red. For so long I struggled to find products that would help nourish the skin and repair it without leaving it oily, then I stumbled across these two.

I was originally given a gift set wherein I had a sample size of No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum and it soon became a necessity in my make up bag. I know, I know this product actually states that it’s for fine lines and wrinkles however the ingredients that make this achievable also make it a perfect dry skin remedy as it moisturises and restores the skin structure. It leaves skin soft to the touch even after the first application and continued use leaves skin looking nourished and flawless. This product is also good for anyone with sensitive skin or who suffers from allergies as its hypoallergenic. You can buy it from any Boots for around Β£23.95.

Moving onto Egyptian Magic and this one truly was by chance. I had placed an order with Beautybay and paid to get some samples, one of which was an Egyptian Magic sachet. At the time I had particularly dry skin on my nose and around my mouth and was in desperate need of something to help alleviate the dryness. The best thing about this product is that isΒ versatile. You can use it on dry skin, eczema, stretch marks, sun burn and general burns. I loved this product so much I ended up buying a full size pot and use it on a regular basis, it’s perfect for eczema as it helps with the itching and puts the moisture back into the skin. If you’re after a do-it-all cream, this is the product for you. Plus it’s all natural, even better for dry skin! You can pick it up for around Β£25 at or

Have you tried any of the above? What are your thoughts on Winter Saviours, let me know in the comments. Till next time!

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