Pre-Holiday Beauty Prep

I thought that whilst I’m currently sat sunning myself in Spain, it might be useful to share my tips on pre-holiday beauty prep. I’ve only just started to feel human again as for the majority of the holiday in typical me style, I got sick and felt awful *insert poop emoji*.

If you’re anything like me, the lead up to a holiday can be described in simple terms as a whirlwind. Where the day before you go away you’re stood in the middle of your room, a half empty suitcase, an explosion having occurred in your wardrobe and you in the midst of it all having a meltdown because, need to shave legs, paint nails, exfoliate and the mental list goes on. So for anyone planning a vacay this beauty go to list might just help reduce that meltdown…

1. De-fuzz: this means legs, underarms, brows, upper lip, bikini basically anywhere that has hair that you don’t want to be on display whilst in your bikini. If you need to book in appointments remember to do these about two weeks in advance to avoid last-minute panic. Personally the only thing I don’t do myself is my bikini (purely because I think I’d die if I did this myself). My legs always take ages to tan so I use the shaving sesh as an opportunity to properly exfoliate so they’re super soft and tan prepped. At the moment I like the Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Scrub which I use a few days before going away to really prep my skin, I then followed it with Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion which gives a very nice subtle glow.


2. Face Mask: I tend to use a moisturising one purely because my skin gets so dehydrated from the plane and then the sun it needs all the extra moisture it can get.

3. Nails and Toes: obviously in the latest summery shades that make your tan look extra bronze. I personally opt for Coral shades as they suit me with tan. In terms of longevity anything goes where my toes are concerned because the nail polish on them can survive a nuclear attack. My nails however I like to opt for something more durable. Normally I would go with Shellac but I’ve kind of fallen out of love with it after several months continuous use. I did use it for this holiday but for some odd reason it’s turned a putrid yellowy green shade. So I had to make a dash to the nearest beauty store to buy some acetone. Shellac moment being over I would totally recommend the Nails Inc Pro Longwear Gel Look. I picked up the starter set which contains four popular shades, the base and top coat for £25.00 + V.A.T from Salon Services. I also picked up the fuschia shade which is on my toes and these are £5.99 + V.A.T. They are super long wearing and the shine looks just like a professional manicure.

Nails Inc Pro Set

4. Exfoliate: this goes with the shaving but I thought I’d add it in as if you want to get a nice, even tan, exfoliating is key!

5. Tint Brows: again something I do myself but tbh when I’m on holiday I like to wear as little makeup as possible, so having my brows tinted means I have to use hardly any product on them. It also means I don’t have non-existent gappy brows.

6. Hair Cut: this may not be for everyone but when a holiday comes round I like to give my hair a little trim because of the impending damage I know I’m about to inflict on it (sun, sea and sand). I also add in layers as my hair is quite thick and it just makes it that bit more manageable on holiday and dries quicker on its own, it does not help however when your straighteners decide to go on strike and not work.

7. Pedicure: I’ve put this in separate to nail painting because let’s be honest all feet could do with a little TLC before a holiday and being bared to the world in sandals. I usually do a foot soak with a moisturising cream to soften my heels and then wear the overnight moisturising socks. Nobody likes to see hard, cracked skin on your feet when you’re laying on a sunbed.

I think that’s everything off my list, hopefully it’ll be of some use to some of you, what would you guys add-on to yours?

Photo Credit: Death to the Stock Photo (featured image)
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