Maybelline Master Smoky Pencil

Needless to say smoky eyes are a hot trend right now, so I’ve been experimenting with products to see what gives the best smoky eye effect. The first I came across, which is a new product from Maybelline was the Master Smoky Pencil. This pencil is double-ended, one hand has the pencil itself, whilst the other has the smudging tool on.

I found this pencil so easy to apply and it comes out in a deep shade of black which results in a strong colour even after the liner has been blended.The smudging tool itself was also very clever in that it was literally the only tool you needed to get that smoky eye look. It also allowed for you to create a heavy smoky effect or to lightly blend in the pencil to create a smooth line. This is how the pencil comes out on its own and how it looks after smudging:

The size of the product is also quite handy because it easily fits in a clutch bag so if you want to top up later on in the night, you most certainly can! I picked this up from my local Superdrug, RRP is around £5.99 but I went in when they had one of their offers for 3 for 2 on. For my first attempt at smoky eyes I loved this product and would definitely give it 5 out 5, Maybelline are coming up with the some affordable, innovative products, definitely one to watch!!

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So I was sent this sample last week and thought I’d try it and see what it was like, here’s my thoughts:

My advice for anyone wanting to purchase this perfume would definitely be to try before you buy as it’s quite a strong perfume, although I quite like strong perfumes, even I found this quite a strong scented perfume. Many people would probably find this overpowering with its strong floral, musky scents. However the benefit of having such a strong scent is that it is a long-lasting fragrance. I sprayed this on before leaving for work and could still smell hints of it as I was leaving work to go home in the afternoon. With perfumes, having a long-lasting scent is a definite must for me.

If you are trying this to see whether its for you or not I would leave the scent for a couple of minutes to settle and then test to see if you like the fragrance as it takes a little time for the scent to properly develop after the first spray. I was only sent a tester but could see from the insert that the tester came in that the bottle for Aura is quite modernised and appealing as a luxurious brand of perfume. You can get it online for around £32 for a 50 ml bottle of EDP and the benefit to this perfume is that the bottle is refillable so you won’t have to keep throwing your pretty perfume bottles away! Overall I’d give this perfume 4 out of 5 (missing out on the five because it really is a strong scent!).

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Maybelline Baby Lips

I went into Superdrug the other day, browsing through the makeup, as you do, and found this:

Maybelline’s latest product Baby Lips. I’d heard a little about this new lip product and was eager to try and see whether they were any good. Firstly they come in six different shades all with different brightly coloured packaging. There’s even a clear one for those who want a lip balm without the tint. As you can see I decided on Pink Punch which comes out a nice pink colour. The lip balms themselves are really moisturising and the ones with colour in have long lasting colour, they really do leave your lips smooth and moisturised. The advert for the product claims you’ll have renewed lips in 1 week, so I guess we’ll wait and see- but this product is a definite hit in my book! they are currently on special offer in Superdrug at 2 for £5 or £2.99 each so grab them here
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August Glossybox

As a few other bloggers have blogged about their Glossybox I thought now might be a good time to talk about mine. This is my third Glossybox so far and I can honestly say I love getting these beautifully wrapped parcels filled with beauty testers. This was mine this month…

Inside this month’s I got: a trial size Tresemme Concentrate Rinse Off Treatment, Emite Eyelash Curler, Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Liner/ Shadow, Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noire Tester and Oceane Makeup Remover Pen. I have yet to use the Tresemme Treatment so will let you know how that goes! I must say this has to be one of my favourite boxes so far. I loved all of the products in them. this month’s box was called the High-Flyers Box in that thee products were hero products from all around the world. My favourite item was the makeup remover pen by Oceane, a Brazilian company (not available in the UK This item was amazing! If you make the slightest mistake with your lipstick, eyeliner or mascara, this pen removes it easily and cleanly. The best part about it is it comes with three more applicators so when one is looking worn and used you change for another one until the pen runs out, when this happens I will be buying another!

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My new discovery… Clinique

After being recommended to try Clinique by a friend, I finally decided to go into my nearby John Lewis and enquire about their products. I’d been recommended them as they are apparently a good brand for anyone who has sensitive, dry skin. Initially I was a bit dubious about trying them purely for the price tag associated with the brand but after trying so many different products and not being able to clear my skin up I decided to take the plunge.

You start with an initial consultation where the assistant asks you various questions about your skin and what concerns you most about your skin. From this they can then recommend products suited to your needs and skin type. After my consultation she recommended Clinique’s three step skin care routine. Combining the use of facial soap, clarifying lotion and moisturiser. All three products where demonstrated on my hand as well as an eye cream for under my eyes, who knew you’re not really supposed to be using the same cream for your face and eyes? I decided to buy all four products recommended to me (my bank balance shrieked at this point!) and to try the products and see what the outcome was. On the plus side they had a special offer on so that if you bought the three normal sized products you got the travel size versions free 🙂 bonus right, just in time for my holiday to Spain in three weeks!

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