Real Talk: My Body Issues

Real Talk is going to be a series on BLM where I’m going to get real with y’all. Seriously though, I’m going to be discussing some everyday issues and struggles that at some point in our lives, we’ll all deal with. What better place to kick things off, than discussing body issues? It’s a common discussion point purely because of the controversy surrounding it and I’m sure like me, you’ll have some body hang ups regardless of how many people tell you you need to love yourself.

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My Current 5 Favourite Nude Lipsticks

I never really was one for lipsticks, until recently that is. I was more a pot of Vaseline kind of gal which then evolved into Nuxe’s Reve De Miel once I jumped on the bandwagon forking out a whopping £10 for a pot of lip balm. More recently I’ve discovered both the bold and nude lip and having been mixing up my shades and lip products.

I don’t think I’ll ever be as adventurous to discover matte lipsticks as I think these would be way too drying on my already dehydrated lips. But I’ve definitely been branching out, so I thought I’d share my current nude favourites. You’ll also be pleased to know that they’re not all from the drugstore yet they won’t break the bank.

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The Future Of Blogging

This post is going to be quite a frank, honest post on my thoughts on what blogging has become and where I see it heading in 2016. Blogging initially came about because people preferred the honesty and rawness that came with blogging to the glossy, highly edited features we were seeing everyday in magazines.

This whole thought process around the blogging world was sparked last Sunday when I was doing my usual routine of sitting in bed, waiting for the other half to wake up watching YouTube videos. Two particularly struck a chord with me. I won’t name them but they are bloggers that I can honestly say were the ones that got me into blogging and I’ve always loved their content, until recently.

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

The saying a Sunday well spent brings a week of content rings true. I always feel that if I’ve spent my Sundays wisely, relaxing and preparing for the week, I transition into Monday much smoother. Sometimes I also think it’s nice to just have a chilled out, relaxed day where you take things at your own pace and have a bit of a pamper sesh, huh who needs fancy spas with fancy price tags!

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10 Stationary Updates To Help Get More Organised

One of the things I’m trying to get better at this year is organisation. I’m not completely unorganised, but at times I can be a tad forgetful. So I’m aiming to get a little bit better at forgetting things by becoming an organised person. I’m a Virgo so it’s kind of in the stars that I love a good old list. What better way to get more organised than with some new stationary?

It goes hand in hand that if you love makeup, more often than not you have a soft spot for stationary too, so here 10 stationary items that’ll help get you more organised.

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25 Things I Learned In 2015

2015 was quite a year. There was ups and inevitably there were downs. They were times of extreme stress and some pretty awesome chilled times. All in all it may have pushed me at times to my edge, I learned a lot about myself as a person.

It’s definitely made me a stronger person and more determined with what I want and I’m hoping this year will teach me a few new things too. Soooo, I thought I’d share some things I learnt in 2015, 25 to be exact seeing as it was the year I turned the big TWO FIVE and all.

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Well hello there! You may have noticed I’ve been absent of late and to be quite honest there’s no one particular reason other than that life in general just got way too hectic and in the way. I’ve honestly missed blogging and didn’t want to delve back into it until I was happy with this little ole site. It’s getting there and I’m still tweaking the odd thing but I’m way happier with the appearance now.

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The Video: June Birchbox

The June Birchbox has landed and a word of warning that I’m a bit of a Debby Downer in this video as I wasn’t a huge fan of this month’s box. Birchbox just doesn’t seem to be bringing it recently with the variety of products, particularly as each box for the last couple of months have contained something I’ve already received. Subscribers were able to choose the theme of their box and inside was a matching shoe bag, so onto the products…

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June Lust List

It’s time for another Lust List and this one has actually come reasonably close to the beginning of the month. There always seems to be so many things I want, so much so that I now have a list saved in my phone of things to buy as and when I have any spare cash lying around (it’s also my birthday in 3 months so this list might come in handy then too!) Anyhoo onto THE list…

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June Empties

Things have been a tad quiet round here lately, but I’ve still managed to sort out posting a video for you all. As I mentioned in last weeks May Favourites this week is an empties video. It’s quite a chatty one where I’m sharing my thoughts on all the empty products I’ve hoarded over the past couple of months.

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