New Beginnings

Welcome to 2017 and welcome to January! We made it (high five)!

I hope you all had an amazing festive period and are full of good food, drink and merriness. I don’t know about you but I was well and truly done with 2016 and am so ready for 2017. So let’s make this the best year yet!

New Beginnings

Personally I don’t believe in resolutions, they set people up to fail from the get go, but I’m all about those goals. Goals are more achievable and can be broken down to interim goals for the biggies you want to accomplish. They are far more realistic than an obscure goal about how much weight you want to lose by next year.

January 1st is your opportunity to hit the fresh start button again, anything is possible, you can be anyone and do anything, the opportunities are endless, so promise me one thing? You’ll grab it with both hands and girlboss the shizz out of this year!

New Beginnings

As for BLM, there’s going to be a strong focus on goal setting, motivation, health and wellness to give you your best start to 2017. This month I’ll be sharing motivation tips, clean cooking at home that’s super simple and quick (it’ll even have your friends fooled), fitness tips and workout recommendations. For beauty lovers out there I’ll be sharing top skincare tips to keep your skin looking fresh and clean, and we can’t forget about top tips to get you saving and achieving your money goals.

Here’s to a fun and fabulous January, the first chapter in 2017.

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