March Goal List And How I Got On

The end of another month means a review of the goals set at the beginning of the month and a look at overall, just how well I got on with them. Surprisingly my March list had quite the array of goals, admittedly I did have a few easy ones on there but they were just to make sure I was actually doing important bits and pieces that I should. So what were March’s goals…

March Goals

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day

Yes, yes I know I was previously 100% guilty of never cleansing, toning and moisturising. Moisturising and cleansing are the two steps I never miss out, simply because my skin feels parched and tight otherwise. If I’m in a rush or can’t be bothered I always seem to just skip the whole toning part. Last month I made more of a conscious effort to do all three, although I didn’t consistently do it, in that I mean twice a day, everyday. I did make more of an effort and was doing it at least five or six times out of the week. Have I noticed a difference in my skin? A little, it’s a bit less dull but other than that not really, but hey, your skin will still be thankful.

2. Rinse hair with cold water

So it’s getting a little warmer (just a smidge, not a lot but a little) so I thought I’d make my shower a little more invigorating by having a blast of cold water at the end of my shower. It wakes me up in the morning as it’s a fair bit of a shock after the nice, steaming hot water and it’s supposed to seal the hair cuticle making hair look shinier. Can’t say my hairs shinier but it’s a good way to wake up in the morning.

3. Experiment with new hairstyles

I did this one because I’m so sick of having my hair in the same old style. It’s either straight or up in a bun. Admittedly I didn’t really make much of an effort with this one. I pinned a few hairstyles on Pinterest (you can check out my Hair board here), but when it came to it I just never had time in the mornings to faff around with some of the trickier styles. I did have my hair in a straight ponytail one day and added a small braid into my bun but that was about it.

4. Buy and read the Clean and Lean Book

Success! I bought this book after being recommended it by a friend and read it from cover to cover. It’s a great book and I learnt a lot about my eating habits and what may be stopping me from losing weight and feeling so sluggish all the time. there are some great ideas and recipes for the diet but I’m not following it as such, just incorporating some of the key factors into my new healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking for a way to clean up your diet without dieting as such this book is great. Clean and Lean Diet by James Duigan £7 from Amazon.

5. Try to get 8 hours of sleep

I failed this one and miserably. I wrote this one down because I sleep horribly at least 80% of the time and am always feeling tired and lacking energy. I did try to make the effort on several occasions to go to bed earlier but I ended up just having even more of a restless night when I did or waking up way earlier than my alarm. I think I’ll keep trying with this one, hopefully it’ll get better.

6. Do a weekly shop and stop double buying lunches

I am the worst culprit for bringing lunch into work, then coming lunchtime not fancying my lunch and going out and buying another. The original lunch then gets thrown out, which is a total waste of money. I wanted to make more of an effort last month to try to plan my lunches and actually eat the one I had prepared. I started off horribly for about the first two weeks of the month. Then I realised I couldn’t keep literally throwing money away, so I managed to pull it back during the last two weeks and… so far so good. I’ve been on my favourite app (Pinterest) pinning lots of lunch ideas to try to keep them interesting and meals that I actually want to eat. I’ve also been preparing the night ahead to allow me to cook things like chicken to go in salads, it’s so much easier than madly dashing to prep everything in the morning. I’m now on my fourth week where I haven’t double bought my lunch which is pretty good by my standards.

7. Get colour matched again at MAC

I wasn’t able to get into a MAC store to do this as they always seemed to be rushed off their feet. So I’m going to try to pop in at some stage this month and do this. I wanted to be colour matched again as my current foundation is looking a little on the orange side. With spring/ summer on the way I wanted to opt for a more natural looking foundation but will be hopefully sorting this soon, of course I’ll share the details with you when I purchase my new shade.

8. Read the first Game of Thrones book

Game of Thrones

This will come as a massive shock to those of you that know I’m a huge fan of GOT, but I have never read the books! As I was bought the first two as a gift I thought I’d set myself the task of reading the first one last month. I’m about halfway through but am finding it so difficult to keep reading. I love the series but for some strange reason don’t seem to be into the books. Maybe it’s because I pretty much know what will happen but I’m keen to persevere as I’d like to be able to read all the GOT books eventually.

9. Clean out my wardrobe

Yes! I finally managed to completely overhaul my wardrobe for the full details see my post here. The only issue now is that I keep pulling more items out and getting rid of them, which means I’m seriously lacking in the clothes department. Shopping trip it is then 🙂

10. Start taking vitamins


So after looking over my diet I realised they were some aspects seriously lacking, Vitamin C being the main one. I realised I rarely ate fruit and could do with the extra Vitamin C to boost my immune system (I have bad hay fever and boosting your immune system is supposed to help). I have started taking Vitamin C tablets twice a day, so far so good. Hayfever hasn’t seemed to be as bad which is a definite bonus with all the blossoms and flowers now blooming.

What were your goals for March? Did you manage to complete them all? Till next time Bellas 🙂

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  • Eleana James

    Vitamins are always something I am good at for like a month the. Forget about for the proceeding months. I do notice a difference and vit c is a good one especially if you struggle with your 5 (or whatever the new number is )per day)