Just For £5

Fashion lovers beware this site is hazardous… to your bank balance!!! I was recommended Just for £5 and thought I’d take a look, thinking that there would only be a few items actually for £5. How wrong was I! Not only a few items, but everything  and yes I mean everything was £5! They sell a wide range of clothing with fashionable clothing in plus sizes too as well as shoes and accessories. They have everything you need to update your wardrobe all in the one place and at the crazy price of £5 an item. There is sure to be something for everyone on this site, so if you’re struggling to find a party dress or an outfit for Christmas day you should definitely add this site to your list as somewhere to check out. £5 for a party dress? Who can complain? Here are my favourite pieces and I must say I’m dying to get the boots but just waiting for my size! (from left to right):

Distressed Style Buckle Boots

Colourful Batwing Top

Colourful Faux Suede Platform Heels

Zip Front Patterned Skirt

Lace Shoulder Blouse

Colourful Striped Tote Bag

Cosmetic Print Blouse

Mixed Colour Bracelet

just for5

You will definitely want to check the bargains out at Just For £5, let me know what your favourites are @BellaLaModa. Till next time Bellas 🙂


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