Fibre Force Hair Treatment

Last Thursday was a first for me in the sense of trying out hair treatments. Never before have I even contemplated experimenting with hair treatments, I rarely change my heat protection spray! This treatment claims to get your hair back to its virgin quality in just 4-10 weeks! Considering the condition of my hair of late, anything was worth a try… but did it work?

Fibre Force Treatment

Schwarzkopf have released a new treatment call the BC Fibre Force. It replenishes moisture and strength to the hair, reinforcing weakened hair damaged from heat and dryness. It penetrates deep into the root to nourish the hair from within helping strengthen it and prevent breakages.

You have the first treatment in the salon as they use a chemical that they cannot sell you to kick-start the first treatment. This takes around an hour and consists of a mask and treatment being applied to the hair. You then purchase the products tailored to your needs to continue the treatment at home. The range consists of a shampoo, rinse out conditioner, spray conditioner and fortifier treatment. I was recommended the shampoo, rinse out conditioner and fortifier treatment. I think in total for the treatment in the salon as well in came to around £45 but the products at that time did have 25% off. They range in price from around £11-£14 in the salon but should last you the full 10 weeks if used sparingly.

After the initial treatment in the salon I could feel my hair was softer but can’t say I was overly excited with the results. Clearly it would take a little longer to really notice the results. I have now been using the at home treatments for a week and one thing this has certainly taught me is that I don’t need to put anywhere near as much product on my hair as I was previously using. The hairdresser recommended that in order to make the products last to only use a dollop of the fortifier treatment and a 5p sized dollop of the conditioner and shampoo. My hair still feels clean after the shampoo and soft and nourished after the conditioner and it is much less prone to having a greasy residue left after washing which is likely due to the smaller amount of product being able to actually absorb into my hair.

Fibre Force

Several washes later and my hair felt a little less damaged but the ends were still super dry. The fortifier treatment is supposed to be used twice a week so I was waiting for my first use of this to really see whether it made any improvements to the condition of my hair. After the first use I was incredibly surprised, my hair felt soft and glossy and the dry ends actually felt smooth and soft, not dry in the slightest. My hair after one week is much more manageable when styling and looks much healthier and nourished, I’ve even had a few remarks on how nice and shiny my hair seems, bonus! I cannot wait to see the results after 4 then 10 weeks of using this treatment, needless to say I’m excited to see if my hair can really be transformed to its virgin quality considering all the heat damage I’ve put it through!

You can pick the at home products up at and check with your local salon to see if they do the treatment or offer the products. If you suffer with dry or damaged hair then this treatment is well worth trying out to see if it can improve your hair condition.

Have you tried Fibre Force hair treatments or any other hair treatments? Till next time Bellas 🙂

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