Coffee’s & Catchups

Wow!! It’s been a while since I wrote a post! As the title suggests this post is likely to be a long’un so you might want to get comfy and grab yourself a cuppa (tea, coffee or hot chocolate!). I’ll try to reign myself in and not waffle too much but there’s heaps to discuss and update you all on.

I’ve tried several times over the last couple of years to pick things back up on here. For one reason or another I’ve posted the odd post but then it’s never continued. I’m figuring that it’s because that life recently has been somewhat overwhelming. No one tells you how hard your 20’s actually are and boy is there a lot to learn coupled with a tonne of adulting and figuring shit out!

There’s a lot I’m still trying to figure out but I know in myself I’ve grown so much the last couple of years and there’s been a lot of change – all which I’m hoping to share in some of my future posts. Here’s an overview of the going’s on of my life lately:

  • We moved out of our rented flat into what can basically be classed as a shed at the bottom of T’s parent’s garden (that was an experience!)
  • We bought a house – and battled our way through the rollercoaster of emotional stress that comes along for the ride.
    A clear morning view over the river from our new home.

    Sunrise views from our new home
  • We added another furbaby to our brood , so we’re now a family of four (you can meet the new addition over on Insta).

    Furbaby No 2 – Niko
  • I am now in the second year of my Business Degree (that I’m juggling alongside a full-time job).
  • I’ve been through a lot and I mean a lot which resulted in depression –  a big one that I’m finally beginning to accept and understand, I’m hoping to share more on this in the future.

I think that covers the ‘biggies’, but like I said I’ve learnt and grown a lot and there’s so much I want to share, because I know how hard it was going through it all myself. I feel like there’s not a lot around that discusses reality and the seemingly normal occurrences of life and growing up. Things like buying a house, studying at home when you’re a lot older and the general curveballs life likes to throw at us.

Hopefully I can help throw some light on some of these things, if not at least you know there’s a sympathetic soul who knows how you feel! In a world where only the good is shared online, it’s easy to feel like you don’t measure up or that bad things only happen to you. Trust me they don’t, people just tend not to share these kind of things. Imagine what Facebook would look like if people shared their REAL lives!

I’ve been wanting to put this post out there for several weeks but due to a bad bout (I’m talking 8 weeks) of illness, which I’m hopefully starting to come out the other side of, I haven’t really felt up to it. So where do we go from here? I’m not committing to a blog schedule or posting on certain days at certain times. I feel like that’s way too restrictive and not reflective of who I am.

I think it’s much more genuine and honest if I post as and when I feel like ideas, comments and thoughts crop up. I don’t want this to feel like a chore, like I have to post something because oh my god people haven’t heard from me and its 9.00 am on Wednesday! I’m wanting to take this blog in a new direction, that’s honest, raw and real. I’m excited to see where this leads – I hope you are all well and thanks for joining me for the ride!

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