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I’m Aimee-Jade owner and writer of Bella La Moda. The blog started off as a way for me to share my experiences of various products particularly as I seemed to own so many and was constantly buying new ones. Now it’s a way for me to be creative but to also share with you all my take on all things fashion and beauty related. Two aspects that I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without. Writing has always been a passion for me so every post I make allows me to indulge in this creative outlet and share with you all new and wonderful things. I look for inspiration everywhere, from the people I see in the street to pinning on Pinterest (which I have quite an obsession with!). I hope you all enjoy reading the blog and I always welcome your comments and feedback.


Happy reading!


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  • Michelle Carpentier

    Hey Aimee, love the site its full of wonderful tips links and ideas, I am a total slave to fashion and beauty and never leave home without my Irregular Choice heels and Clinique No20…x