8 Reasons Why Every 20 Something Needs A Skincare Routine – Like Right Now

My battle with my skin has been an ongoing and tiresome one. Acne for me in my 20’s is far worse than it ever was in my teens. The good old day’s when I’d freak out over a single pimple are long gone, now it feels as if I’m plagued with reoccurring cystic acne. There has been one saviour that’s helped me clear my skin a little and get more control over my breakouts, something I’d resisted for quite a while… a skincare routine.

I’m not talking basic, I’m talking the whole shebang with different products for morning and evening, different types of products to suit varying ways my skin feels, yup the whole goddamn lot. Why had I resisted for so long? Honestly it was down to laziness and not really investing that much in myself to know what my skin needs. Let me tell you it’s not the cheapest moisturiser on offer or the 2-for-1 makeup wipes.

After much frustration with my skin, I relented and headed over to the Bible of all things skincare Caroline Hirons. Her cheat sheets were incredible for establishing a routine, and it sparked a desire in me to know more about my skin, how it feels and what it needs. To the point that I now have read so much about skin and even have my own little pocket book that I carry with me with loads of skincare tips and advice, so I know what I’m looking for when making a purchase.

So why do you need a skincare routine? Let me tell you why…

  1.  A good skincare routine is key – to the perfect base for applying your makeup, regardless of how much (or little) you wear. Good skincare will make your makeup look better and last longer.
  2. Skin is the largest organ in our bodies – and the one constantly exposed or on display. It needs protecting from this exposure to sun, dirt, pollutants. Not looking after your skin means it will show the effects of these far quicker and everybody wants to look good, right?
  3. All skin is different – there is no one size fits all where skin is concerned. Everyone is unique. Your friend may not use skincare products and have great skin, the same will not apply for you. Yours is different and may require more care, hence why everyone needs a daily routine.
  4. You only get one skin – so you need to look after it! What you do now will affect how your skin ages and looks in say 30 years time. Equally if you don’t protect and look after your skin it can harm your skin for the future.
  5. Ultimately it’ll save you money – yes the initial investment in products (ultimately in yourself though!) can be costly but in the long run it can save you money. Prevention is the best way of dealing with things like acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles saving you lots of £££ that could have been spent on trips to the dermatologist or worse the plastic surgeon.
  6. It can help manage your acne – there’s no promises here, but establishing a good skin routine will help you understand your skin, why it’s breaking out and the best ways to treat acne/ spots. For me personally, having a good routine has helped my skin clear up so much and now I know exactly how treat a spot quickly, effectively and without scarring.
  7. Look good/ feel good – if your skin looks great, you feel great! Our faces are the first thing people see when they meet us, so why wouldn’t you want to do all you can to make sure it and you look the best you possibly can. Having great skin can boost your confidence making you feel like you can take on the world! (probably not literally)
  8. Makeup wipes do no classify as makeup removal – my final point, makeup wipes do naff all when it comes to removing your makeup. Yes the wipe may come away dirty but you are literally just removing the top layer. Enjoy festering and sleeping in your makeup residue, dead and flaky skin cells and all that dirt, grime and pollution! Use a makeup wipe and that’s exactly what you’re doing – gross I know! Your skin needs to be properly exfoliated and cleansed to leave it looking and feeling clean (ideally cleansed twice as advised by Caroline). Makeup wipes just smear the dirt across your face a cleanser will break down this dirt and remove it. So stop using makeup wipes to remove your makeup immediately!

Want to know what I use in my skincare routine? Keep your eyes peeled there’s a post heading your way.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Ryan Moreno https://unsplash.com/@ryanmoreno)

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