5 DIY’s To Try This Weekend

The weekend is almost here again and I’m seriously loving the whole four day week. This weekend is set to be a busy one for me as I plan to pack for my trip to Rome on Thursday (which I’m super excited about!), so there won’t be much DIY going on for me this weekend. If any of you find a spare moment this weekend and fancy something to keep you occupied here are a few things to get you feeling creative.

DIY's this weekend 25-04

1. Birdhouse Key Hooks- a fab way to store your keys so you’ll always know where they are. You’ll need to buy the wooden bird houses first (try these from eBay) and then you can personalise anyway you like. Here’s some inspiration over on lotsofdiy.com.

2. Guitar Shelving- a quirky way to up cycle that guitar you have lying around that you always said you’d learn to play.You can adapt the shelves to suit your needs and either paint or wallpaper the back. Inspiration taken from Pinterest.

3. Lace Cuffed Jeans- a pretty little touch to restore some life in old jeans or maybe even jeans that are fraying at the end. Picture instructions are over at guang.taobao.com.

4. Funfetti Candles- they smell and look like cake and are almost so good you want to eat them (but you definitely shouldn’t!). Instructions are over at bethcakes.com.

5. Homemade Vapo Rub Shower Gel- so many people seem to be getting colds at the moment so this will come in super handy and they are cheap to make as well. Instructions are at myfrugaladventures.com.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, let me know if you get up to any crafting through my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages. Till next time Bellas 🙂

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