21 Ways to Boost That Christmassy Feeling

I don’t know about you, but I’m just not feeling ‘it’ this year. This is my second year of not feeling ‘it’ and by ‘it’ I mean Christmassy. Whether it’s because I’m getting older and adulting more or just the fact that for me November and December are the busiest months of the year who knows. Normally I love Christmas and can’t wait to get involved in the festivities but it’s been a bit ‘meh’ the last few.

Feeling Festive

So this year I’m going to throw myself into anything Christmas related, full out hall decking, sleigh bell ringing, Santa hat wearing Christmas mode. If like me you’re trying to find that Christmas feeling look no further than this beaut of a list to boost the feels. Repeat after me ‘I will feel Christmassy, I will feel Christmassy…’.

1. Watch a Christmas movie, hell watch 10. They just seem so much better when you watch them actually around Christmas and who can say no to the classics of Home Alone, ELF and Love Actually?

2. Drink all the hot chocolate and if it’s covered in a king sized helping of squirty cream, marshmallows and chocolate powder, all the better!

3. Give or get yourself a festive manicure, nothing quite says holiday season than a glitter mani or nails adorned with reindeer faces and candy canes. Nail artists these days can create anything, literally anything.

4. Attend a Christmas market – it’s like Christmas sensory overloaded, the delicious smells, the taste of mulled wine, the gifts and decorations, the dinky little log cabins, the Christmas tunes and hello, all the good food you can eat.

5. Take part in Christmas Jumper Day and show of your crafting skills if you’re that way inclined if not it’s a good excuse to go shopping and get one and raise money for a good cause. If you’re in need of some inspiration take a look at my 2016 Christmas Jumper Top Picks.

6. Make a Christmas playlist whether it’s on your phone, or if your car is slightly more hip you could even make a CD, whack it on Christmas day for all your relatives to hear.

7. Make some mince pies, don’t forget to save one for the man himself. If you’re running short on time you could cut corners altogether, I hear Iceland do some rather tasty ones.

8. Have an epic Christmas wrapping session, doing them all in one hit gets them all done and gets you excited thinking about people’s faces when they open theirs. Why not go full out Martha Stewart and make your own gift tags or print your own wrapping paper.

9. Head to Youtube and watch some Vlogmas videos – so many bloggers take part in this each December getting up to a wide range of festive activities and following them each day can really put you in the spirit, as well as giving you loads of ideas for things to do and make.

10. Dress up your pets – nothing says Christmas like dressing your cat up in a Santa’s hat and scarf

11. Fancy a road trip? Head out for a drive when it’s dark and go and look at all the festive lights, I love seeing houses’ lit up with an array of colours especially if there’s a competitive street it’s hilarious the lengths they go to to outdo one another.

12. Buy a gingerbread house kit, either making it from scratch or with the components already done and decorate the hell out of it, icing, sprinkles sweets, jelly beans, gummys the whole works!

13. Buy a tree a decorate it – go shopping and pick up some new decorations to adorn your tree while your at it.

14. Wrap up cosy, hat, scarf and gloves, throw on some wellies and go for a crisp winter stroll.

15. Give back – have a clear out and donate your stuff to Charity. You could volunteer if you have some free time or even simply giving a little bit of money to a homeless person, it pays to be kind and Christmas is the season of giving.

16. Book yourself in for a crafting class, there’s loads around and this time of year there’s making your own decorations, wreath making the lot. I’ve missed it this year most likely but next year I’m booking myself on to make my own wreath!

17. Head to Pinterest and create a Christmas board, it’s full of fantastic ideas for decorations, food, gifts the lot! Heck you could even create a Christmas wish list board to drop hints to your loved ones, in case you know anyone needs some ideas.

18. Speaking of Pinterest, why not get nifty and make some DIY gifts – there’s loads of fab ideas for tipples, chutneys, knitwear, memorable and thoughtful gifts. They mean so much more to the receiver when they can clearly see how much thought and effort has gone into the creation of them.

19. Watch the latest series of Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas on Channel 4 – if you don’t know who Kirstie is then, sorry, we can’t be friends anymore. Just kidding where on earth have you been? Think Kirstie Allsopp crossed with Christmas add a splash of crafts and competitive tree decorating and you’ve got a cosy night in with tons of inspiration to get crafting. It’s on the third series so you better get caught up!

20. Pop into Starbucks and try one of their festive drinks (oh and be a basic biatch and instagram the red christmas themed cup of course), I’m loving the Chai Tea Latte at the moment it’s like Christmas in a cup.

21. Last, but by no means least, spend time with your loved ones. Plan some days out, spend some chilled time at home watching a movie, invite your friends round or even host your own come dine with me. Have good food, good wine, good company, huddle round the fire and share your favourite memories. Nothing says Christmas quite like spending quality time with those nearest and dearest.

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